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Take a look at the categories below, and if you'd like to submit a photo please follow the links in each category. Remember only one submission per person per category


Attach your photo to the email generated by the link. All submissions must be in the .jpg or .jpeg file type and must be smaller than 15 MB


Please title the submissions like so: firstname-lastname-catagory. For example: jane-doe-abstract.jpg


Beyond that, in the email please specify your name, grade, school, and a title for your photo.


An email recipt will be sent back to you upon recieving your submission.

Digital Effects

This category is appropriate for digital art - images created or drastically altered in software like Adobe Photoshop. Although digitally manipulated images are also allowed in the above categories, this is a category exclusively showcasing such art. If the digital darkroom work is the main attraction of the photo, or plays a big part, enter it here.




Photoshop composites and creations

Images greatly manipulated with software filters

HDR photos

Photos stitched into a panoramic



This category is NOT for:


Photos that have such a subtle application of photo-editing techniques that one cannot tell any post-processing work has been done.

Optimized images that don't look like digital art should go into another category.

Creative Camera

These artistic images make good use of graphic elements of design. We are looking for photos that showcase line, shape, pattern, form, texture, perspective, etc. They can consist of any subject matter.








We are also looking for images that demonstrate cool photographic techniques, such as bokeh and motion blur. Creative use of camera shutter speeds, apertures or flash effects are encouraged. 


This category is NOT for:


Graphic design illustrations made in a program like Adobe Illustrator and extreme digital creations, these belong in Digital Effects.

These are photos of people in all walks of life:


Parenting & family

Children, cute baby pics

Couples & relationships

Models & fashion

People engaged in outdoor activities


And of course plenty more!




Kids & Family


People from all walks of life

These pictures include landscapes, outdoor scenics, nature images, sunsets, urban landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, and farms - to name a few.


These images showcase outdoor beauty: