Freedom4U Film Contest

Welcome to the 12th Annual South Bay High School Film Contest



Films will be scored on a 100-point scale in the following categories:

 - 25 points for TECHNICAL SKILLS - Is the viewer able to see and hear it without being distracted?

 - 25 points for CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND ACTING Are the characters clearly developed and did the filmmaker get the most out of his/her actors?*Not applicable for News Packages

 - 25 points for CLEARNESS OF CONCEPT OR VISION -Is the viewer able to clearly understand the filmmaker’s point of view?

 - 25 points for OVERALL FILM- Did the film work when it was all put together?


Films must fit into one of the six (6) categories:


1. Music Video

2. Horoor

3. Experimental

4. Mocumentary

5. Open

6. Broadcast Journalism New Package

    ( News Package cannot exceed two- minutes)




Subject matter in films must be ‘appropriate for a school environment’ and be free of derogatory situations and stereotypes based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.


                 Deadline: Films Due by Dec. 16, 2016


After you have submitted your information and payed your fee, please mail your film to: 336 Tejon Place, PVE, CA. 90274

Make sure to include your contact information




Win Cash Prizes and other Awards!

Contestants must be students from
South Bay Area High Schools

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Cost: $10 per person, no limit to # of films entered