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Freedom4U/Hearts Respond will provide an after school environment for teens to receive support with homework, study and develop relationships in a safe, supervised community. These will be taking place Tuesday-Thursday, from 3:30pm-6:00pm with Highschool and Middle School Students attending. Please have a parent or guardian fill out the consent form below to join!

Students will need to have an ID along with the completed consent form to join.

Additional special-events throughout the year include: movie nights, parent education and support, mental health support, career guidance, music and art activities, leadership development and more. Teens will also receive guidance from professionals in different trades and career areas through presentations, discussion groups and potential internships in work areas.


Freedom4U will be recruiting and inviting High Schoolers to apply and be part of the Youth Service Leadership Program.

Teens that apply will go through an interview process and be selected to help with tutoring, ideas, managing and supervising the space and activities while gaining speaking and organization skills. You will be assisting for the duration of the After School program, with flexible shifts.


Tutors are needed in math, science, and language classes such as English. Tutors will receive gift cards, college letters of participation and community service hours! Sign up to become a community leader at the link below. 

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