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Do you want to help others? Do you want to make the world a better place?

Get involved today!

You are invited to join the Freedom4U Service Leadership Group!

We have programs in creative arts, life skills, leadership and service.

In Freedom4U's Service Leadership Program, teens can gain important leadership skills of writing, speaking and organizing while leading other teens in a service area they care about. The service area can be a project or cause that is benevolent to other people, the culture, to an organization or the environment. We have programs in creative arts, life skills, leadership and service.


Teens will learn to effectively communicate by working with others and by demonstrating patience, passion for charity work, and listening skills. They are surrounded by staff who have found their ever-growing love for charity work, and who are ready and willing to help guide them into making the community a better place. Our Service Leadership Group is made up of outstanding students from South Bay/Harbor Area High Schools and Middle Schools. We welcome new ideas of service activities from teens!


Main Goals:
  • Serving others through different projects

  • Peer mentoring of younger kids

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People & Places We Serve: 
  • Toberman Settlement House in San Pedro - Children activities

  • The Port of Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club in San Pedro - Middle school kids activities

  • South Bay/Harbor Area Schools & Community Events - Middle and High School activities 

  • Long Beach Rescue Mission for Homeless - Residents at mission including mothers and children

  • City View Senior Living in Long Beach - Seniors - interviewing about life stories and we sometimes bring teen musicians for parties.

  • Children activities: playing games, talking about life choices, creating art and music. The youth are 8-13 years old. 


Long Beach Rescue Mission: as a group, help serve food to residents of homeless program and to homeless people. We also attend discussion/information meetings about the life of a homeless person.

Getting Involved:
  • Interested students should contact and fill our application & go through short interview.
  • Participating students are sent calendar with information of upcoming events.
  • Students choose to attend events via RSVP.
  • Students are sometimes welcome to invite a friend to participate in these activities.
  • Permission slips are provided for those under 18.

  • Freedom4U staff lead the activities.

  • There are occasional group meetings to plan service activities.


You are not required to do any specific activity. It is your decision of what you can do based upon your schedule.

Please return this form to 




Freedom4U Leadership Group Service Schedule




Each activity is designed to give teens the opportunity to help and interact. We will learn from the experience of serving others.

Boys and Girls Club Port of LA

Peer Mentoring

Fun games and discussion groups

Meet in PVE at 3:15 pm, return by 6 pm


Long Beach Rescue Mission (LBRM)

Serve working in the kitchen cafeteria areas, before, during and after lunches to the homeless and with the residents of LBRM. Discussion with some residents.

Meet in PVE at 9:15 am, return by 1 pm


Other opportunities:

Teens are invited to help at Freedom4U community events with setup, and take down.Teens are invited to participate

in elementary school assemblies focused on character.


Art Expression Nights happen throughout the year, where teens perform in music and songs.

South Bay Teens Serve Inspiring Long Beach Rescue Mission Residents

Teen leaders from South Bay’s Freedom4U, a non-profit organization centered around helping identify, develop and release the potential of youth into their life purpose by offering peer-driven healthy activities such as creative arts, life skills, service projects, and leadership opportunities to youth, took a trip to the Long Beach Rescue Mission.


The Long Beach Rescue Mission provides food, clothing, shelter and spiritual guidance to the homeless, less fortunate, or at-risk individuals of the community. The rescue has been in place since 1972 and currently is comprised of two facilities: The Samaritan House, which serves as a home for men, and the Lydia House, which is a safe haven for women and their children. 


​Freedom4U teens were quickly ushered into the kitchen and directed to do certain tasks to prepare for the lunch services: setting the cups and plates out, filling drinks, and preparing to serve hot meals as the homeless came in. Before getting to enjoy meals themselves, residents of the Long Beach Rescue Mission came in to help set up and serve the homeless along with our teen leaders. It was interesting and inspiring to see these residents trying their best to better themselves, something Freedom4U youth can relate to. Many talented teens took the stage to truly “wow” everyone

While serving at the Rescue Mission can look good for college resumes, it’s the connection these teens build with each other and feeling inspired by the resident’s stories that truly makes it all worth it. 

“After being a part of the service project I was able to take away a lot of things from my experience. I really enjoyed being able to be exposed to how other people live especially those that are not as fortunate as others may be. It was extremely nice to see how everyone was very appreciative of the volunteers. I also enjoyed talking with everyone and observing the different personalities in the room. I will definitely be planning on returning and volunteering some more at the rescue mission.” Lea, Freedom4U Teen


One resident we spoke to, Matthew, told us of his long and difficult journey that led him to the Long Beach Rescue Mission, including giving up being a church Pastor and going down a path that ended up negatively influencing his life. Now, Matthew found himself in a much better place in life and has been at the residence for just over 4 weeks. His positive and outgoing personality was contagious to our group! Matthew is striving his best to make better choices and his story is one our youth will remember. One of Freedom4U’s staff members recalls her encounter with Matthew:

“Listening to Matthew’s positivity and drive to really create a better life for himself was so inspiring. What I connected to most was that there are human beings just like us and we have a lot more in common than we might realize. Matthew truly was a storyteller and we talked about our mutual love for writing and storytelling. I admire that about him and for his strength to keep going and make positive choices going forward.” Samantha, Freedom4U staff

Freedom4U knows the positive impact that participating in a service project like this can have on our teen leaders. It not only opens their eyes up to a whole new way of life and living, but shows them where certain life choices can take someone. 


We look forward to returning to the Long Beach Rescue Mission and hope to be inspired by residents in the future.

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