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PODS is a fun new group project for high school students to participate in to explore future career paths! Groups of students will be working collaboratively to create, develop, research, plan, organize, recruit, coordinate, and lead others teens in their search for meaningful possible jobs.  With the benefits of learning about career paths, students involved will be able to receive letters of reference or recommendation for character and achievement, volunteer hours and service learning opportunities.

Steps for Pods to go through:

·      * Identify careers of interest

  • areas of work, professions, career

  • locations where work is happening.

  • Requirements to do that type of work

    • education, training

    • internships, apprenticeship, work experience 

    • or supervision.


·      * Identify people we know that work in the career fields listed above. 

  • ask around to find someone who knows someone that does it. 

  • Make a list and find their contact info.

·      * Generate a list of questions that Pod members will ask the professionals in            the careers we are interested in.  

·      * Submit the list to Dr. Allen for review and approval.

·      * Contact people on the list and ask if they would take the time to be        

         interviewed by Pod group members. 

  • Initially the interview will be via Zoom and later in person (when safe). The interview should be no longer than 15-20 minutes and recorded.

  • Then review and discuss interview answers with Pod members. 


·      * Advanced Steps (Optional):

  • Visit a job site for 30 minutes to an hour and receive a tour to see the job in action (when safe). 

  • Shadow for a half or full day at the job site (when safe).

  • Volunteer in some way in the career field on a consistent basis. At a minimum weekly for a few hours, or longer if allowed and able.

  • If possible, begin an internship for more time exploring the career.

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