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Freedom4U works closely with schools in order to emotionally connect with teens and troubled children by providing free counseling services





Who we Impact:

High Performing Students with straight As suffer from anxiety and stress over doing well in school and keeping up with their busy schedules.

Middle of the road students who are not high achievers and do not get into trouble, not involved in much at school, often have stressful life events. 


Teens who are engaging in dangerous behavior, drug and alcohol use usually have large problems with stress.


Common Problems:

  • Depression, loss of interest, isolation, self-harm

  • Anxiety, can’t relax/sleep, panic attacks, School stress

  • Caffeine, alcohol & drug abuse

  • Eating Disorders & Body Image Problems

  • Unhealthy Relationships

  • Compulsions & Addictions, Acting Out

  • Poor school performance

  • Peer conflicts, Making good decisions

  • Communication problems

  • Headaches & other health problems

  • Adjusting to stressful life situations such as divorce, a loss, moving, change of friends, etc.

  • Stressed relationship with parents

"Teens have stopped self-harm (cutting), begun thinking about their future and interests and getting involved in new things. Learning to share stress and find healthy ways to cope and release it, they find self-confidence and courage here" - High School Counselor


Freedom4U provides groups focused on specific social-emotional needs, individual counseling, drug and alcohol prevention groups and counseling, and workshops at no cost to 6 school districts and 17 school campuses across the South Bay and LA Harbor Areas. 


Working in collaboration with school administrators, counselors and teachers, students are referred for help. The request may come from a student or a parent or as part of a prevention program or an intervention program to prevent further problems. Students are helped in social-emotional areas as well as substance abuse prevention. Many students choose to continue receiving help throughout their high school years. This program has the unique ability to connect with students and allow them to recognize positive opportunities for their future.

Survey results indicate kids feel supported and feel better equipped in life coping skills after completing our counseling programs.

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