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Teen Videos

South Bay teens have created questions and recorded videos giving suggestions about how to cope with several life situations. These educational videos will be used by schools in virtual assemblies and counseling sessions. They are also available here online as resources for our entire community. Topic areas include: advice for parents, racial issues, coping with stress, identifying healthy friendships, preventing substance abuse, bullying and harassment, and COVID-19 life tips.

Advice for Parents

Be Free - Racial Issues

Coping with Stress

Identifying Healthy Friendships

Preventing Substance Abuse

Bullying & Harassment

COVID Life Tips




You are invited to join the Freedom4U Service Leadership Group!

We have programs in creative arts, life skills, leadership and service.

In Freedom4U's Service Leadership Program, teens can gain important leadership skills of writing, speaking and organizing while leading other teens in a service area they care about. The service area can be a project or cause that is benevolent to other people, the culture, to an organization or the environment. We have programs in creative arts, life skills, leadership and service.


Teens will learn to effectively communicate by working with others and by demonstrating patience, passion for charity work, and listening skills. They are surrounded by staff who have found their ever-growing love for charity work, and who are ready and willing to help guide them into making the community a better place. Our Service Leadership Group is made up of outstanding students from South Bay/Harbor Area High Schools and Middle Schools. We welcome new ideas of service activities from teens!


Main Goals:
  • Serving others through different projects

  • Peer mentoring of younger kids


People & Places We Serve: 
  • Toberman Settlement House in San Pedro - Children activities

  • The Port of Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club in San Pedro - Middle school kids activities

  • South Bay/Harbor Area Schools & Community Events - Middle and High School activities 

  • Long Beach Rescue Mission for Homeless - Residents at mission including mothers and children

  • City View Senior Living in Long Beach - Seniors - interviewing about life stories and we sometimes bring teen musicians for parties.

  • Children activities: playing games, talking about life choices, creating art and music. The youth are 8-13 years old. 


Long Beach Rescue Mission: as a group, help serve food to residents of homeless program and to homeless people. We also attend discussion/information meetings about the life of a homeless person.

Getting Involved:
  • Interested students should contact and fill our application & go through short interview.
  • Participating students are sent calendar with information of upcoming events.
  • Students choose to attend events via RSVP.
  • Students are sometimes welcome to invite a friend to participate in these activities.
  • Permission slips are provided for those under 18.

  • Freedom4U staff lead the activities.

  • There are occasional group meetings to plan service activities.


You are not required to do any specific activity. It is your decision of what you can do based upon your schedule.

Click on PDF to apply for
service leadership group

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