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Service Leadership Program 


Freedom4U Mission: Our mission is to identify, develop and release the potential of youth into their life purpose by offering peer-driven healthy activities such as creative arts, life skills, service projects, and leadership opportunities to youth in the South Bay/Harbor Area of L.A. Currently, Freedom4U has monthly service projects that all teens are welcome to attend.  


Service Leadership Program:

Freedom4U is launching a program whereby teens can gain important leadership skills of writing, speaking and organizing while leading other teens in a service area they care about. The service area can be a project or cause that is benevolent to other people, the culture, to an organization or the environment.


Teens will learn to effectively communicate by working with others and by demonstrating patience, passion for charity work, and listening skills. They are surrounded by staff who have found their ever-growing love for charity work, and who are ready and willing to help guide them into making the community a better place. 



Students will learn service skills of; compassion, communication, understanding social services dynamic, social justice, interfacing with other nonprofits and private businesses to provide service to the community.



Students will develop necessary leadership skills to lead others in their service area interest. Students will learn leadership skills of organization, administration of finances, budgets, supplies and resources. Leadership will be centered on communication to create and guide a team/group towards a specific cause of direction and purpose. Teens will be working closely with a group to establish and reach goals as a team. Teens will then learn the important concepts of accountability and reliability as a emerging leader. 



Teens are welcome to apply at any time.


Apply here!

Program acceptance criteria to be considered: an understanding of personal strengths and interests, identification of service area of focus, references and personal experiences information.

Teens will need to identify area of service interest. They will receive guidance in researching and understanding an area of interest. Process may include service in the specific area, followed by leading others in service in that area. Teens will create a presentation of the overall service project to teens, adults and businesses at a final awards event.


Final Scholarship Awards Night:

Teens will have the opportunity to enter scholarship awards night.

Teens will present a slide show or video presentation about their service project.

A panel of judges will determine 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, honorable mention scholarship awards.

The event will consist of teen performances, dinner, presentations and scholarship awards.


Freedom4U is a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation 501(c)(3) in the State of California for Educational purposes. Freedom4U is not affiliated with any political or religious group. 

Donations & Gifts are tax deductible.

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